About us

Tedy Productions

Tedy Productions is one of the most stable, high-quality, and influential content and production houses in the Israeli media and entertainment industry. Tedy Productions established in 1973, and headed by Tmira Yardeni ever since.

Tedy is a content entrepreneurship, development and production company specializing primarily in production and development of original formats in music and entertainment for television.

In the past two years we have increased our relationships with the global television industry as of our formats picked and produce for various networks and channels around the globe (US, UK, Argentina, Korea, China, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, France and more…).

We create and produce original formats of all genres and for all platforms – scripted, non-scripted, youth and kids, documentary, etc. All of Tedy’s formats are brands that continue to thrive over many seasons and episodes.

Tedy owns a studio which engages some of the most leading Israeli creators in TV and cinema industry, with proven experience in the global media industry (Ron Leshem, Ruby Doaniass, Yoav Tzafir, Eran Riklis, Ori Gross and others).

Alongside our activity in the television industry, we also have a reach artists management department which represents the biggest stars in current Israeli commercial music industry and the franchise of Tedy’s talents shows such as Rising Star.

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