Shovrey Galim

Shovrey Galim logo"The Surfers" is a TV series for children and youth that tells the story of a group of surfers, who set up an independent surfing club on an abandoned beach called Chili Beach. One day, the boys and girls, who consider the surfing club as their second home, are told that they are going to be evacuated because the property is being sold to a real estate developer. They do everything in their power to change the decision, including teaching an arrogant movie star to surf so that his movie, which is filmed on the beach, will affect public opinion and put pressure on the decision makers not to sell the beach.

In the center of the plot is Yael, a young surfer at the club, who fights fiercely to prevent the beach club from closing. None of her friends knows that she is actually the daughter of Chili, the legendary surfer who disappeared many years ago in mysterious circumstances hence the beach is named after him.

Yael's meeting with the movie star and the battle on the beach will force her to deal with the truth about her father thereby jeopardizing her safety.

The young surfers know only fragments of the history of the coast. Many years ago, a mythical group of surfers lived in the surfing club and left behind an enviable legacy. That group broke up although no one really knows the circumstances, with the exception of Honey, their guru, who still lives on the beach. He believes in complete freedom and encourages the children to take care of themselves.

They are about to find out that the people they trust the most are not telling them the whole truth. Members of the previous group are very secretive and when these secrets begin to emerge, the young surfers find themselves in the same situation that previously ended tragically. Will they manage to change the outcome of their story? It's entirely up to them.

In addition to the fashionable beachwear, sun-bleached hair, youthful joy and the experiences of a young group of surfers, the series will touch on harsh and painful dimensions of life: competition and jealousy, friendship and betrayal, identity and belonging, accomplishment and self-seeking - all the emotions associated with adolescence.