Up grade - Master Class

Up grade - Master Class

'The Music School' graduates are growing up on the children's channel with a new series!

The loveable gifted children from 'The Music School' join us weekly for singing-song-theme competitions.

Tal Moseri and Kobi Farage are the hosts of the new series. The two play the roles of different funny characters and enjoy the company of artistic visitors. 

Ofir Elbaz

Elyran Landa

Bar Tzemach

Danel Rubinstein

Daniel Darhi

Libbi Panker

Noa Honick

Adael Korshov

Adi Biti

Kathleen Eligado

Roy Ofer

Sean Gitelman

Shay Hamber

Shalev Menashe

Shelly Markolov

Michelle Cohen