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Mishpaha Sholetet logoRoyal Flush – The first Israeli Royal sitcom!

The story of the Luria's, an Israeli family from Nave Tzahal who one day discover that they are descendents of King David and become Israel's first royal family. The Luria family is not particularly 'royal' in any way, and as a result they encounter many amusing challenges dealing with their royal duties.

The plot revolves around the Luria family members - King Yishay and Queen Shlomtzion who have to deal with the establishment and the King's Bureau Chief, Michael the High Priest. The eldest son, Yedidya Luria, attempts to continue living a normal life together with his undercover female bodyguard and his old neighborhood friends, despite the fact that he is now the Prince of Israel. Other characters in the story are Princess Shir Luria, a teenager who relishes the fact that she has become a daughter of royalty, and the little disruptive Prince Avshalom.

What will happen when the new Princess goes wild on the royal Instagram account?

How will Queen Shlomtzion behave during the official visit of the King of Honduras? How much damage will the King cause when he makes up sentences in Dutch instead of learning the language? Or will the season end before they manage to ruin the entire country?