A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time2012 / 13 episodes

Television's favorite high school class is back on screen, but the students are now 40. The reunion was only a matter of time. Today they cope with their children's hopes and dreams, and discover that it's never too late to fall in love.

Two forbidden love stories drive the plot forward. The affair between Maya and Guy, the children of Sharon and Dana, is a struggle against a world of grownup rules. Maya is the daughter of Sharon (Haziz) and Yoel the police officer. Guy is the step-son of Dana (Berger) and Eddie the Mafiosi. The young couple breaks every line between the families, at a hefty cost.

The second love story takes place clandestinely, in the world of adults. Weitzman and Markowitz were – and are still – best friends. But they're both in love with Gali, who is married to one of them. The betrayal will be revealed during the season and will shake everyone's world, perhaps forever, or at least till the next season.

The two stories progress in opposite directions, but they are based on the same thing: the conflict between the heart and loyalty (to family or friend) forces them all to grow up.