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"Chill" is a 50-episode comedy series which, for the first time, brings together four diva characters from four former hit shows, in one show written especially for them: Naomi Shachar (played by Hanna Laslau in "Our Song"), Idit Linovitz (Gilat Ankori, "Ramat Aviv Gimel"), Bruria Paskal (Evelyn Hagoel, "Pickup", and Merav Ben Bassat (Zufit Grant, "Exposed").

Chill brings together four strong, dramatic, uninhibited and colorful women, all of whom were especially cherished in their original series. Initially they are strangers, but a certain situation leads them to an unexpected acquaintance. The fifth protagonist is Gabby, played by Yael Grobglas ("Kalevet"). Gabby (Gabriela) Bar Lev, is 23 years old, and unlike the self-centered older women, she is all about good will and the desire to help others. Together, the ensemble makes for a funny and touching group.

Additional actors: Yishay Golan ("Prisoners") as desirable philanthropist Mati Iceberg, Lucy Ahrish as Jihad el Aswad, heiress of a mafia family from Taibe, Gala Kogen as Yelena, Idit Linovitz's parliamentary assistant, Shay Golden ("Connected")as Nimrod, head of the news company and Merav Ben Bassat's boss, Gila Almagor, Yon Tomarkin, Liron Levo, Avi Greinik, Arnon Zadok, Efrat Boimwald, who is back in the role of Noa Shachar, Naomi's daughter, and Rivka Michaeli, in the mythological role of Ada Paskal, Bruria's evil mother.