“Our Song” High School

“Our Song” High SchoolIsrael, 2009. This is a spin-off of the television series “Our Song”, which takes place in a rundown and problematic high school that is about to be shut down due to disciplinary problems.

The school is ruled by a violent gang headed by Assi, a wild and arrogant boy, who is the teachers’ nightmare. He is self-assured and has a hot girlfriend who is the high school queen – Gili. Clearly, you don’t mess with Assi. The principal would have kicked him out of school long ago, if he weren’t the star of the basketball team.

After a severe ruckus that made the papers, the municipality decides to shut down the high school.

At the very last moment, just before the authorities shut it down, Yardena Tamir receives a proposal: she is asked to turn it into a High School of the Arts, and turn those delinquents into performing artists. If she manages to put on a musical, the school can go on running.

The auditions she holds are catastrophic. The kids fight amongst themselves and are uncooperative, and there is also an arch-rival waiting in the wings, trying to make Yardena fail…

The plot revolves around the lives of the teachers and students at the high school: their love lives, intrigues, jealousies and betrayals, and of course, the preparations for the show on which the fate of the high school depends.

Throughout the series, an impossible love affair shall develop between the wild and aggressive Assi and the cold and isolated Noa. Her parents have just brought her back from New York against her will, and she hates everyone and everything. He’s a trouble maker who frightens everybody except the new girl.

She is unimpressed by Assi, and this is exactly why he’s attracted to her. Their relationship begins in hostility and becomes romantic. They will have many obstacles to overcome: Gili, Assi’s possessive girlfriend, is the first. In other words, this romance is going to be difficult.