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The hit series "The Pajamas" is an Israeli comedy for teens from Tedy Productions, broadcast on the Children's Channel since 2003. To date, seven seasons have been produced and three spinoff series: "The Dovaleh Show", "Café Carsol", and "Mendelbaum PI", with more planned for the future…

Since premiering, the series has been very successful and its stars and creators, formerly anonymous, have been widely exposed and are very popular. In the summer of 2004, the three leading stars headlined a daily slot on Channel 24, called "Heartburn", and also joined the ensemble for the annual Festigal, hosting the performance show several times.

The individual stars have also each been incredibly successful: Ilan Rosenfeld created the series "Torn in Half" (which was sold internationally). Oded Paz participated in "Dancing with the Stars" and created the children's cooking show "The Confused Chef", and Kobi Farag participated in "Shavua Sof" and in Avi Nesher's film "Once I Was…". The three have also hosted two shows on Radio 99 – one for children ("White Screen") and the second for adults ("Sidekick").

The seires has achieved high ratings since its launch, has been repeatedly honored at the "Children's Choice Awards" on the Children's Channel, and has also been nominated for the "Golden Screen" prize. It has also been nominated for several consecutive years for the Israeli Academy of Television's Ophir Prize in the category of children's television.

In 2009, the Pajamas launched the concert tour "The Pajamas Live –But not at Caesarea", with the well-known stars, songs, and new sketches inspired by the series. Due to its meteoric success, the Children's Channel aired a mockumentary film entitled "The Pajamas en route to a Concert", a humorous look at their journey on the way to production of the concert.

The performance, which is still running and filling theaters all over the country, is one of the sole productions designated for teen audiences receiving so much acclaim in Israeli history, and has been compared by critics to legendary band Kaveret's "Pugi Stories".

Although created for a younger audience, the series has become must-see household viewing, as parents can relate to underlying subtle humor and wit. The brand, a proven success among kids aged 7-15, has also been perceived by market surveys as reliable and witty, and the threesome have been called "intelligent" and "honest". These values correspond to the creators' values and turn the brand into especially attractive. Over the years, the characters have created a special dynamic of language, coining several new phrases. They address the kids as equals and do not try to spoon-feed childish messages. For these and other reasons, the brand is potentially fertile ground for commercial collaborations.