Roni Dalumi

Roni DalumiRoni Dalumi, first place winner in the seventh series of A Star is Born, is already an inseparable part of the local music industry.

In December 2010, she released her first album, "Slightly Different".

For two consecutive years, Dalumi won the title of "Best Female Singer of the Year", continues to perform on her thrilling tour including the hits "Give", "Slightly Different", "Either Way", "Send him", "It's my turn", "After Everything", and more..

In July 2012, Dalumi released her first single "Hold on" from her second intriguing album. This single conquered the charts from the moment of its release.

In November 2012, she released the second single, "Wind in my Face", also from the second album.

At the end of 2012, she played the role of Hofit on the acclaimed drama series "Euphoria", and received great reviews on her performance.

In January 2013 she released her third single from the second album, "Just two people".