Master Class

Master Class logoMaster Class is an Israeli reality show broadcast since November 2011 on Channel 2 as part of Keshet's broadcasting schedule. It centers on a singing competition for children aged 8-14 and is hosted by Zvika Hadar.

In light of its success, a sequel series has been produced by the Children's Channel, and the format has been purchased by several European territories.

The program locates and follows musically talented children who dream of becoming singers. Each is accepted to the Master Class and is closely mentored by a well-known musician, who guides and prepares the child for performance in front of an audience. As the contestants are children, there are no eliminations and the winner is announced only in the final episode.

Students are evaluated on their performance by the team of mentors as well as by a professional jury in the audience. In the first episodes of the season, the student with the best performance wins the opportunity to perform a duet with his/her famous mentor, and in more advanced episodes, the best performer wins entry to the finals, where the winner of the title "Best in Class" is announced.

As part of the show's success, we have produced an album containing the students' renditions, proceeds of which are dedicated to several organizations assisting children in need.

The staff of mentors is comprised of Moshe Peretz, Yehoram Gaon, Keren Peles, and Mati Caspi. Each mentor is guide to four children. The teachers choose the songs, practice and rehearse with the children, in order to prepare them for a performance in front of an audience.

The professional jury contains 30 members, among them: Miki, Miri Aloni, Ruchama Raz, Ofer Nachshon, Si Heiman, Haim Oliel, Mika Karni, Danny Sides, Gadi Livne, Korin Alal, Zemed Reim, Hadar, Liron Lev, Sharon Moldavi, Leah Shabat, Dafna Armoni, Sharon Haziz, Shula Hen, Yishai Lapidot, Aviva Avidan, Dor Daniel, Yakir Aviv, Sherry, Eliot, Iggy Vaxman, Shaviv Marks and other musicians, singers, and radio DJs.