Mendelbaum, Private Investigator

Mendelbaum, Private Investigator

This is a hilarious sitcom that takes place at a failing detective agency.

After he was self-declared hamburger king and then had his burger joint shut down, Gary Mendelbaum (Yaniv Polishuk) decides to leave everything, dump the Pajamas, and get into another profession! Gary meets the beautiful Gala (Gala Kogan) and decides that he is destined to be a private detective. Just between us – he’s a very very bad detective! But luckily enough, Gala’s there to help him. Gala is a sharp-minded and beautiful 20-year old. Nobody can believe how smart or what a great detective she is. She is also the daughter of Police Detective Wolfson (Shalom Shmuelov) and she opens a private detective agency in order to fulfill her lifelong dream. But because she’s so young, she’s afraid she won’t be taken seriously and looks for somebody who can be “the face of the office”. So she chooses Gary Mendelbaum, not realizing what a huge mistake she’s made. Detective Wolfson is head of Investigations at the Police Department, and is very dissatisfied with his daughter’s career choice, and of course, her partner.

They are joined by Asaf (Asaf Ben Shimon), a childhood admirer of Gala. He’s been in love with her since high school. Asaf is a mediocre wedding photographer, and the firm uses his services occasionally. This way he gets to spend some time with his beloved private detective.

There is also Fauker (Lior Fauker), a young computer whiz. When he was 15 he wrote a very successful application and used the money he made to buy the office building in which the PI firm is located. Fauker falls for Gala and that makes him stay at the firm for a long time, a really really long time….