Our song

Our song logo2003-2007. 366 episodes.

Our song is an Israeli daily musical drama that had finished its 4th season, being the first 'daily musical' in Israel which gave their creative thrust for new Israeli artists, bringing them to gold and platinum records for soundtracks and original albums. The series enchanted the satellite viewers and won several awards for its creative plot lines and high rating points.

Staring the first winner of the Israeli idols, the story tells about a young dreamy girl who dreams of being a singer. The plot thickens when she is accepted to an arts high school where her dreams start to become reality.

The ingredients includes Talent, jealousy, pressure, discipline, love, many dreams, difficulties, doubts, hormones - and one larger-than-life struggle. The series also has a spin series, which tells the story of the arts high school's head mistress new challenge - bringing music and arts to a poor, rough high school teens.

The story tells about Ninet is a young, unknown girl from the country that comes to the big city and works with her cousin Ronnie at his cafeteria in jordana's Academy of Music. After school hours are over Ninet goes to the classroom and sings. Her talent is revealed accidentally by the music teacher, who gets her enrolled to the school. Ninet falls in love with Zohar and the couple goes on a rocky road towards happiness disturbed mainly by Noa who wants Zohar for herself. Her best friend Dana and her mother Naomi (awarded as Best Actress Award at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival for her role in Free Zone) helped her by driving Zohar and Ninet apart.