NephilimDaily Drama. 100 episodes.

"When sons of God joined with the daughters of humankind, who bore them children - they were the ancient warriors, the men of renown. The offspring nobody wanted. They were – the fallen ones." Genesis 6:4,

Named after the biblical fallen ones, 'Nephilim', the first Israeli sci fi daily drama tells

the story of a young teen boy who moved with his father to N.R.V. - the Nuclear Research Village. The technology at the N.R.V. is much more sophisticated than everyday technology due to an ancient spaceship buried in the center of the village. When the boy sneaks into the spaceship he realizes he entered an alien portal which was used to throw alien criminals to earth, used as a 'jail planet' in old times. However, the special alignment and ingredients of the atmosphere caused the criminals to obtain "super-powers". the locals called them, "Ha'Nephilim", or "The fallen ones". When he accidently pushes the wrong button he disables the force field which is suppose to stop other "unique people" from using their abilities. Now he has powers. But he is not the only one…

Through the compelling story of the everlasting battle between good and evil, sweetened by teenage romance, the drama features existential questions about our being in world. Are we alone? Could one man lead to a difference? And What is the first step you take to save the world ? The successful series enchanted the Israeli viewers featuring Drama. Action and Battles . love stories and much more.