HaShminiya (The Eight)

השמיניה - טדי הפקות5 seasons.

Eight gifted children take part in a secret project under the guise of a regular high school classroom.

Each of the eight (in Hebrew: “haShminiya”) has an amazing ability in his/her field of expertise (technology, languages, art, strategy, mathematics, music, computers, and a photographic memory).

The group of eight, using state of the art technology, work together as a team and solve mysteries and problems, but none knows the true goal of the project… two of the eight are a pair of twins: they are brother and sister who look 15 years old, but are actually only ten…

Seven years later, the fourth season begins, with none of our protagonists remembering anything about their past. They are all in their twenties, leading normal lives, living in the same city, but no one has a clue about the secret that ties them together. Then, something happens - something none of them could have expected - and once again, it turns their lives completely upside down.

The eight, none of whom remember each other, find themselves in the midst of a dangerous and thrilling adventure, which carries them and the viewers into a season that will make all previous seasons look like child's play!!

The new season of "Hashminiya", premiering in September, has 50 episodes, and focuses on the main protagonists who have grown up, along with new and exciting heroes.

This season, Zohar Liva and Yamit Sol join the original cast.