Danny Hollywood

Danny Hollywood logoCan love cross the boundaries of time? Does it have the power to change the past? An original format that has quickly become a national sensation combining drama, suspense, wall - to - wall romance, time travel and lots of feel good music.

In 1968, Danny Hollywood, a huge pop star, mysteriously died on his wedding night leaving behind a musical legacy, many unanswered questions and even more broken hearts.

40 years later, Daniela, a young documentary filmmaker, decides to make a film about the life and death of Danny Hollywood. Magically, she and her friends embark on a voyage in time, arriving in the late 1960’s, where they will try to rescue Danny from his tragic fate.

Uniquely recreating a recent past, Danny Hollywood is full of fantasy, fun and great music. It has quickly become one of the most entertaining and widely-watched dramas in Israel.

Gaya Traub

Shira Katznlbogen
Shani Cohen
Shira Tsafir
Shai Peled
Albert Cohen
Tomer Sharon
Aliza Rosen
Michal Stemler
Tal Talmon
Mickel Luies
Dalik Volintz
Gad Shnatzberg
Yoav Tsafir
Ran Dancker
Gila Almagor
Arture Peri
Gil Biton
Arye Moskuna
Efrat Boimveld
Liay Beyn
Hana Laslaw
Adam Gross
Anat Atzmon
Naor Silberman
Tuvia Tsafir
Miri Aloni
Hagai Rubinstein
Zack Cohen
Pini Tabger
Eliana Bakyer
Nina Kotler
Michal Gavroelov
Anat Magen Shabo
Roni Merhavi
Doron Amit
Romi Abulafya
Itay Shor
Neta Plotnik
Gala Kogan
David Kigler
Boaz Mauda
Shlomo Goldberg
Reut Malchin
Itzik Kasapo
Gili Saar
Eyal Shechter
Eyal Shapira