Danny Hollywood

Danny Hollywood logoCan love cross the boundaries of time? Does it have the power to change the past? An original format that has quickly become a national sensation combining drama, suspense, wall - to - wall romance, time travel and lots of feel good music.

In 1968, Danny Hollywood, a huge pop star, mysteriously died on his wedding night leaving behind a musical legacy, many unanswered questions and even more broken hearts.

40 years later, Daniela, a young documentary filmmaker, decides to make a film about the life and death of Danny Hollywood. Magically, she and her friends embark on a voyage in time, arriving in the late 1960’s, where they will try to rescue Danny from his tragic fate.

Uniquely recreating a recent past, Danny Hollywood is full of fantasy, fun and great music. It has quickly become one of the most entertaining and widely-watched dramas in Israel.