2011 / 3 seasons / 30 episodes

Serial drama broadcasted on the Children’s Channel on YES.

“Alifim”, the thick and legenday children’s book by Esther Streit-Wurzel, has come to TV for the first time, as a moving, exciting, and innocent but bold daily drama. The characters and storylines will touch the heart of anyone who’s read the book (parents and kids), and send anyone who still hasn’t read it, running to the bookstore.

“Alifim” is the story of the ninth grade class at the agricultural boarding school “Ganot”. It’s the students’ first year, and they are quickly exposed to life as adults: for the first time away from home, they live with boys and girls their own age, and experience love, fear, excitement, and pressure.
At the center of the story is the traditional hazing of freshmen (“Alifim”) by seniors (“Dalidim”). This is a longtime tradition (the Dalidim were also Alifim once…), and is usually an unspoken understanding. But our group of freshmen won’t take it silently – for the first time, they unite and protest, and along the way, learn what true friendship is about, how to stand up for yourself, and maintain your self-esteem.

Yotem Kushnir

Maya Werthaimer

Omer Dror

Asaf Hertz

Alon Sendler

Shani Aviv

Jasmin Ayun

Guy Selnik

Max Olearchick

Ido Bartal

Ori Zaltzman

Kobi Machat

Ayelet Margalit

ELiad Nachum

Yaara peltzig

Hadas Moreno

NIir abrashi

Esti Zakhaim

Shmil Ben Ari