2009 – 2011 / 2 seasons / 270 episodes

A new daily format from the creative company of Chef Aharoni, bringing the best of culinary life to your screen, every day.

A different culinary topic is presented every day, and for each show we selected the unique ingredients required. Each show is built of three recipes, ordered by level of difficulty, from easy to complex: a quick and easy recipe, a medium-level recipe, and a slightly more complex recipe.

Sunday was dedicated to vegetables, Monday was pasta, grains, and rice, Tuesday paid its respects to chicken and fish, Wednesday was the day for sweets and desserts, Thursday was devoted to succulent meats, and Friday – a full meal for hosting friends.

For the first time in Israel, Chef Aharoni created a daily cooking show providing practical solutions for homemade cooking, fused with various tastes and influences. The show achieved ratings that were surprisingly high, and its website episodes were also popular, with access to the immense database of recipes, indexed by ingredients.