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15 minutes

A Daily Drama Series. 85 episodes.

A fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of the most popular genre in modern television: the series that revolves around the world of people who turn life into Reality.

Doron Shapirov, Editor in Chief of the popular talent discovery show “Mega Star”, decides to make a revolutionary change to its format due to rating problems. He locks the contestants in a studio for three months and films them 24 hours a day.

This sudden twist changes everything for contestants and the staff, who have to run the production in an entirely new way. What will happen to the competing talents and the staff maneuvering them inside the locked doors of the studio, where everyone’s fate is uncertain and anyone could be voted out?

Come discover what it is that makes us send text messages and see the truth behind the scenes of reality TV. A carnival of intrigue, secrets, loves, lies, and manipulations. Funny, touching, and most of all - addictive. 

Shai Goldstein

Michal Tafir

Yaron Brovinskey

Dalia Shimko

Adi Gilat

Anchel Bonani

Hila Vidor

Nelli Tagar

Tzion Ashkenazi

Efrat Ben Yaackov

Abigail Armon

Shoshik Bendava