Orit, Natalie and Mor are three sisters, and they are unsuccessful at everything.

Their parents retired from work, sold all their property, bought a yacht and went on a pleasure cruise around the world. Their three daughters were left to try and function as a family, and to suffer. How could they not suffer?

Orit is a temporary teacher in a mediocre school. She is also trying to figure out whether she is a lesbian. Life is just too much for her. This is not what she thought being 33 years old would look like.

Natalie is 27 years old and only now had to leave her parents' home and manage on her own. This includes terribly boring stuff like finding a job and paying bills. She doesn't have the energy or patience to start at the bottom in any line of work. She is simply so much more than this petty life.

Mor is in the army. If this on its own is not horrible enough, she is also stuck in a retard military base camp with an officer from hell and not even one normal person to talk to. Actually, there is one person she would be happy to talk to – Ben Gigi, but that's not a realistic option.

Together and separately, they try to keep up, move on, and follow the flock. Somehow it never seems to work out.